Zippers are headed outta here!



Zippers are headed outta here!


10-12-15 Update.

We received the entire order of zippers 6 days ago from NYC
While we were waiting for them to arrive, we had done massive work on setting up a new software system for the ecommerce site, inventory, shipping & bookkeeping.   All of those seem to be working well – but because we moved out of the “old” system, we have quite a bit of manual work to do for each order.   No biggie.. it’s just a slow process.    It’s going to be *great* when everything is finally moved over into the fantabulous new setup!

We had quite a bit of help over the weekend…


And it honestly is fun to see these “ribbons of lusciousness” be bundled for each person…

As soon as we have fulfilled all of the current orders, we will be putting the zippers up in the new store and we’ll be running another group buy.    Stay tuned!