In time for Christmas: Baby Bionic Gear Bag




Here’s the baby!
Pictured with the original Bionic Gear Bag, both of these are made from the fabric line “Draw Near”  (at the time of this post) is currently available in the store on this site.



This one is sized to hold 3×5 cards (or a small notebook), a 24 pack of crayons, and pens & pencils.
There is only one zippered pocket.   This one sews up *fast*!
As pictured, it is 6″ wide.   Just cut all of your pattern pieces wider to make a wider bag, if you desire.


This is the perfect size for a sewing kit, first aid kit, recipe “box”, kids’ keep-busy stuff, office supplies in your car, etc etc…

The pattern (complete with tutorials and pictures) will be on Craftsy soon.  BUT… in the meantime, if you already have the Bionic Gear Bag pattern, you have enough instructions to know how to make this one.

The original pattern draft of the Baby Bionic Gear Bag is a downloadable PDF which is available in our store.

Draft pattern for those that have the BGB pattern instructions is HERE.



Zippers are headed outta here!



Zippers are headed outta here!


10-12-15 Update.

We received the entire order of zippers 6 days ago from NYC
While we were waiting for them to arrive, we had done massive work on setting up a new software system for the ecommerce site, inventory, shipping & bookkeeping.   All of those seem to be working well – but because we moved out of the “old” system, we have quite a bit of manual work to do for each order.   No biggie.. it’s just a slow process.    It’s going to be *great* when everything is finally moved over into the fantabulous new setup!

We had quite a bit of help over the weekend…


And it honestly is fun to see these “ribbons of lusciousness” be bundled for each person…

As soon as we have fulfilled all of the current orders, we will be putting the zippers up in the new store and we’ll be running another group buy.    Stay tuned!

July Zipper Buy is being delivered!

Update Sept 29:   Our packages from the July buy (which were ordered at the very tail end of July)  are on their way from NYC to Colorado.  Yay!

I ordered *well* in excess of the orders we collected.  There are still some zippers available at the “group buy” prices for a few more days.

Please visit:   to get the current coupon code that will shave 50% off any order over $100.    This is only available for the zippers that are currently on their way here – supplies are limited.   🙂

The Facebook group is also the place to get your questions answered as well as get timely updates.

Keep in mind, once the zippers get here, this shopping cart will be closed down and the new shopping cart will contain “in stock” zippers at slightly higher prices.     We will start another buy on October 1st… but keep in mind, the entire process takes about 8 weeks for us to have our special order zippers manufactured and shipped to us.    So order now if you want your zippers soon!

Group Zipper Buy July 2015

July Zipper Group Order

Update 7/21 – We’re installing new software this afternoon that will help us choose shipping options.   We’re hoping this will help the international buyers.
Update 7/20 – We are working on an integration that will move the orders out of the shopping cart and into a bookkeeping system.
Update 7/19 – Current pre-order coupon code self-destructs at midnight.   Order up!