What’s Happening!

What’s new?  (as added to the online store)

12/26/15 – The new zipper group buy is under way.   There is a new COUPON CODE for 50% off… details are over in our Facebook Zipper Group:    facebook.com/groups/sewmuchnicerzippers

12/18/15 – Daily Grind is here and we’re shipping it. Yay!

11/25/15 Happy Turkey Day (tomorrow!) All fabric orders are caught up and outta here.   More Draw Near is due to arrive on Monday.   We’re offering more 1/2 yard bundles (combine them to get a bigger discount as well as continuous yardage when possible!)

11/23/15 – First round of King Tut thread has all been shipped!  We’re going to do it again-stay tuned!

11/15/15 – Wooo Hooo… we have a zipper group buy on again!   Be sure to check the prices… and then cut those in half with the DISCOUNT CODE of ZIPPERHEADS.   $100 minimum order required for the killer discount.

11/15/15 – Remainder of Cotton & Steel arrived at HQ.  We got a snowstorm goin’ on.   If we can get into HQ tomorrow, we’ll ship the rest of the orders.  If we can’t get out, then we’ll ship on Wednesday.

11/14/15 – Draw Near Half Yard Bundles added.

11/14/15 – Draw Near Fat Quarter Bundles added.  With -or- Without Selvedges.   (Who else does this?)

11/12/15 – Cotton & Steel “Bri’s Bundle” – Mostly from Honeymoon, Pink is from Sprinkles.  Bri picked these out for Baby Bionic Gear Bags for her and her mom – they’re headed to a camp next week in the mountains and they want the BBGB for their trip together.
11/11/15 – Baby Bionic Gear Bag pattern in “Sally’s Inner Sanctum” section.
11/6/15 – Draw Near Fabric!   Stock up – this one will sell out and supply is limited from the vendor!

Awaiting Delivery to HQ:

Cotton & Steel – We got the mother of all screw up orders.  🙁   We received about 85% of our order on 11/5 – We shipped all orders that we could ship complete.   Some orders are being held as we wait for our order to be fullfilled in its entirety.   Expect that to happen on 11/17

Superior Threads / King Tut –  Expect delivery on 11/17

J Wecker Frisch’s Grind Fabrics!
Grind-border stripe

Current Buy Schedule:

November 2015
•  YKK Zipper Buy  – Delivery will be January

•  Another Janet Wecker Frisch Design!   Grind!   – Already ordered.   Delivery will be in December

•   Superior Threads   Our account is set up, as soon as we get through our first order with them (11/17?) we will re-launch.   We should be able to do thread buys, if there is a demand, on a regular basis with them.

•  Cotton & Steel!   We ordered the *entire* line that is being delivered in January.   We ordered pre-market, sight unseen, so we are supposed to be one of the first shops to get delivery.  Woooo hooo!

December 2015

•   Superior Threads


Recent Buys Completed – waiting on delivery to Sew Much Nicer Headquarters
–  King Tut  – Expect to receive at HQ on 11/17 or so.   Supposed to be a snowstorm rolling through here, then, too!  Anybody wanna come camp out at HQ with me?

– Zipper Group Buy that concluded on 12/12/15 … shipment news and updates will start coming through our Facebook Zipper Group starting approximately mid-January.

Currently Shipping


Completed Group Buys

–  October  “Draw Near”  fabric
–   July/August Zipper buy – all 30,000 of the little buggers were shipped out by 10/27